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Integrating Telephones into Ergonomic Workplace Practices

Understanding the ergonomics of telephone usage in the office is essential, as they are a vital part of daily operations but not explicitly covered under the HSE Display Screen Equipment checklist.

Proper Use of Office Telephones

Correct use of telephones can prevent injuries and enhance workplace efficiency:

  • Ensure the telephone is easily accessible and has adjustable volume controls.
  • Use speakerphone features for short calls to avoid awkward holding positions.
  • For long calls or multitasking, consider using a headset to maintain proper posture.

Mobile Phone Usage and Ergonomics

Mobile phones, used for various tasks, can contribute to poor posture if not used correctly:

  • Avoid cradling the handset between your neck and shoulder, which can lead to chronic neck and shoulder issues.
  • Using a headset can facilitate hands-free operation and reduce muscle strain.
  • Take regular breaks from phone use, similar to computer breaks, to prevent fatigue and maintain concentration.
  • Alternate hands when using a mobile phone to avoid overuse injuries.