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Welcome to ProTrainings DSE VDU Operator Safety Online Course

ProTrainings presents its comprehensive online course for DSE VDU Operator Safety. This course is meticulously crafted to emphasise the significance of proper posture and ergonomic working positions for individuals utilising any type of display at their desks in a professional setting.

Course Overview and HSE Compliance

Understanding and mitigating Display Screen Equipment (DSE) hazards is a requirement set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Our course not only meets this requirement but also provides employers and employees with the necessary knowledge to ensure optimal setup of workstations.

Interactive Learning Experience

  • Engage with educational videos followed by knowledge review questions.
  • Complete the course with a final assessment test.
  • Flexibility to start, stop, and resume the course at your convenience.
  • Revisit any video segment anytime during and after the course.

Course Accessibility

Enjoy the versatility of accessing the course on any device, including smartphones and tablets. Features like video pinning and subtitle options enhance your learning experience.

Supportive Learning Resources

Benefit from additional textual content, subtitle options, and help for incorrectly answered questions. Access a wide array of resources and links from the course homepage.

Certification and Continuous Learning

Upon passing, receive your completion certificate, CPD statement, and evidenced-based learning statement, all printable. Your certificate includes a QR code for validation. Revisit the course for 8 months post-completion for continuous learning.

Corporate Training Solutions

For those managing staff training, explore our free company dashboards and contact us for more information on our corporate solutions.

Ongoing Support and Updates

Receive consistent support throughout your training, with regular updates to course material. Stay informed with our weekly emails featuring new videos and blog news.


We are delighted you've chosen ProTrainings for your DSE VDU Operator Safety training. Best of luck and we look forward to supporting you throughout your learning journey!