Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations and guidance

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Key Points on Display Screen Equipment (DSE) in the Workplace

This session will delve into the five key legal obligations employers must follow regarding the use of display screen equipment (DSE) to avoid fines, penalties, or imprisonment.

1. Conducting a Risk Assessment of Workstations

Employers must assess all workstations used by DSE users to prevent harm from incorrect usage. This includes examining the desk, chair, screen, laptop, and other peripherals.

2. Reducing Risks to the Lowest Practicable Level

While not all risks can be eliminated, employers are required to minimize them through equipment maintenance, employee health monitoring, DSE training, and provision of eye tests.

Focus on Mobile Devices

A dedicated section will address mobile technology, considering its increasing use in workplaces.

3. Implementing a Planned Work Routine

Structuring daily tasks to include regular breaks from DSE work enhances health and well-being. The HSE suggests frequent short breaks as more beneficial.

4. Eye Tests and Spectacles for DSE Users

Employers must provide eye tests and contribute to the cost of special spectacles if required for DSE work. Regular eye check-ups are recommended.

5. Providing Training and Information on DSE Use

Comprehensive training on workstation use, risks, and control measures is crucial. Employees should complete a DSE training course for awareness and better practice.

Employee Responsibility in DSE Compliance

While employers play a significant role in DSE support, users also have a responsibility to adhere to best practices and complete relevant training courses.