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Lower body injuries are also common with poor practice in DSE, lower injuries include lower limb joints such as legs and buttocks.

By sitting badly you can strain muscles, tendons and joints and be causing unnecessary strain and stress to your body. As a general rule, if the body doesn’t look comfortable then it probably isn’t and you will need to change position. Varicose veins can also develop after a long period of standing so you need to consider taking regular breaks to sit down to rest the body.

Twisting the body may seem like common practice but often when we sit we will twist our spine for long periods. This can cause temporary and long-term health implications and often cause extreme pain.

You need to ensure that items on my workstation are suitably placed to promote minimal twisting of the body if something needs to be retrieved from behind your desk then rather than twisting the body it is best to get up and safely retrieve this.

When sitting at a desk you need to consider the position of my body and ensure that my body is not twisted.