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Optimising the Work Environment for Display Screen Equipment Use

Importance of the Work Environment in DSE Use

The overall work environment plays a crucial role in Display Screen Equipment usage, as outlined in Section 6 of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) DSE checklist.

Key Environmental Considerations

Assessing your workspace, lighting, ventilation, and noise levels is vital for creating a conducive environment for DSE tasks.

Workspace and Movement

Ensure sufficient space for movement and posture changes. Your workspace should be free from hazards and allow for easy reorganisation if needed.

Lighting Conditions

Manage light flow to suit varying conditions throughout the day. Utilise blinds, lights, or desk lamps to maintain comfortable lighting without causing screen glare.

Air Quality and Ventilation

Fresh air circulation is key for alertness and health. Use indoor plants, air conditioning, or fans to maintain air quality, but avoid direct airflow onto individuals.

Temperature Control

Adjust heating or ventilation to maintain a comfortable temperature. Solutions include opening windows or moving away from heat sources.

Noise Management

Minimise noise levels to prevent distractions and hearing damage. Consider repositioning away from noise sources or using noise-cancelling headphones.


Creating an optimised work environment for DSE use involves careful consideration of space, lighting, air quality, temperature, and noise, contributing to a more productive and healthier workspace.