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Introduction to the DSE VDU Operator Safety Course

Welcome to the beginning of your training journey. This page provides a detailed overview of what you will encounter and learn in the DSE VDU Operator Safety Course.

Course Structure

The course is systematically divided into several categories, each featuring a series of informative videos. These videos are designed for convenient learning, allowing you to pause and rewatch as needed.

Regular Course Updates

We take pride in keeping our content current. As part of this commitment, you will have access to all new and updated videos as soon as they are released.

Support Throughout Your Learning

Although this is an online course, we offer full support. Should you have any queries, feel free to reach out via phone, email, or our online chat on any of our websites.

Course Content Overview

Section One: Regulations and Guidelines

  • Comprehensive review of DSE and VDU Health and Safety at Work Regulations and guidance.
  • Exploration of employer requirements related to DSE.

Section Two: Understanding DSE Injuries

  • Insight into various DSE-related injuries, including upper and lower limb disorders, back pain, and eye strain.

Section Three: Equipment and Workstation Standards

  • Detailed analysis of different components of a workstation, including keyboards, display screens, telephones, and furniture.
  • A focus on mobile phones and telephone devices, their quality standards, and the checklist used for ensuring these standards.

We hope this overview provides a clear understanding of what to expect in the course. We wish you an enriching learning experience!